Monday, April 30, 2012

Blogger on iPhone!

Heey beauties!
Lulu here :)

So I just posted a post like an hour ago && I just downloaded the blogger app on my iPhone...this will make my blogging much easier! Although I have no idea what it's going to look like loll but this is my first blog post using my iPhone...tell me what you guys think!

Btw...this is today's makeup look

No More Lagging! Promise! ♥

Heey Beauties!
Lulu here! it's been literally FOREVER since I've written a post && I promise that won't happen again! I've just been super busy lately with work (I work A LOT!) && school...but that's not an excuse to not write a post. So from now on, I'll try to write at least one post a day, if not every other day. But I wanna say Thank You so much for the people who are still following me! I appreciate it! :)

So for this post, I'm going to be posting different looks that I've had throughout the month and if you beauties are interested in finding out how to do any, just e-mail me at && I'll demonstrate!

That's another thing I'm gna start doing soon...making videos and posting them.

So let's get started! :)

This is it for now beauties...more to come soon!
I wonder if I can post blogs from my iphone...hmm.

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari ♥