Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!♥

Heey Beauties!
Lulu here! :)

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! May 2012 be better than any year so far! Due to family parties, I'm posting this post earlier so I wouldn't be too late after Jan. 1 :)

Remember, we have A LOT planned for you beauties starting January 2012! So keep coming back for updates!

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Happy Holidays!
Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!♥

Heey Beauties!
Lulu here! :)

Wishing all you beauties a very happy merry Christmas Eve! I'm not sure if I'll be able to post a few posts over this holiday week, so I decided to say Merry Christmas on Christmas Eve  instead of the 25th of December! :)
Hope everyone has an amaziing day whether you're spending it in the sun or in the snow! Have Fun && stay Safe beauties!

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Heey Beauties!
Lulu here! :)

Oh My Gosh!
We reached 50 followers!
I know that's not a lot, but we're so thankful for all you beauties who take the time to read our posts && leave comments! Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!

We have SO much more planned out throughout the year of 2012!
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Make sure to keep coming back to our blog for more posts! Like I said, posts will be posted everyday starting 2012!

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Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Heey Beauties!
Lulu here :)

Today's post is about something you can never hide! YOUR LIPS!

Now, I don't know about you beauties, but me, personally, I love to experiment with different colors on my lips. However, nudes match the most on my face. Remember not every color goes well on everyone!

I thought it would be fun to just post a few different colors of lips in this blog because, like some people I know, people tend to just stick to colors that they normally wear and are used to seeing, but there are SO many more different colors out there!

Let's Get Started!

These are called sugar lips!♥

Totally cute and different right?! Would you beauties ever rock sugar lips?! comment your answers below!

These lips are Sparkly Lips!♥

(The lip sparkly color above I just completely FELL IN LOVE with!!! Isn't it SO hot?!)

These next lips are darker shades!♥


&& of course, I found a few celebrities with bold lip colors to post too!♥

(a dark shade)
(Sparkly, even though it doesn't show too much!)
(Bright pink)
(Sexy, in my opinion, red)
(Nude color)

For those beauties who go for the more exotic colors, this ones for you!♥
(Purple and Blue...they match the eye shadows!)

I also found this picture which shows blends of 3 colors to create a mixed lip color!♥

&& to leave you beauties with something very CUTE!♥

so cute && creative right?! :)

which ones are your favorite lip colors?! Did we miss a color? Post it as a comment!

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

Friday, December 16, 2011

Lady Gaga!♥

Heey Beauties!
Lulu here :)

So I was going through some of Lady Gaga's crazy outfits && I remembered she had an outfit I REALLY LOVED! She wore it on an interview she had && I just sat there thinking "wow that's a really adorable outfit"
We all know she can pull off MANY outfits that make her look beyond gorgeous, like this picture below:
to looking like a man in this picture below!

I admire her because she is her own person && she's not afraid of that! She's just being herself && she doesn't really care about what people say about her. That is Beauty to me. She is beatuiful && even though she still feels like "the loser in high school", I give her so much credit for standing up for what she believes in.

This is the cute outfit! It's made of post-its! Even her headband that doesnt show :( Super cute!

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Heey Beauties!
Lulu here :)

I don't care what ANYONE says, I LOVE HEADBANDS! You can wear them in soo many ways! They are just too cute! I literally have a collection of them! lol maybe one day I'll post them :)

I saw a few pictures of headbands/hats that I wanted to share with you beauties because I, personally, really liked them! So let's get started!

I actually really ADORE this entire outfit! I'm looking for pants like these, so if you beauties know where I can buy a pair, please let me know!!! ♥

How amaziingly hot is this outfit && picture beauties?! I love love LOVE this look! ♥

This is actually the clip on sparkly pink mini hat from Charlotte Russe from earlier posts! Available also in Blue!♥

I've always LOVED the bow Lady Gaga had in her hair! It's just too cute && too perfect!♥

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Outfit Idea!♥

Heey Beauties!
Lulu here :)

Today's post is Outfit Idea!
Let's Get Started!

This outfit I wore to my parents 20th wedding anniversary. It was a small celebration with close family && friends. I tried to dress a little down, but, as you beauties know by now if you read this blog, I love to look GLAM! So this is the outfit I came up with!

This was before the party. This outfit is pretty much from Charlotte Russe. The top, the skirt, the little sparkly pink hat (that doesnt show lol).

(Now the little sparkly pink hat shows) :D

So this was pretty much the look beauties. My hair was just curled down (with a curling iron) and the hat was clipped to the side.

***If you beauties have any questions e-mail me, Lulu, at***

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Buys!♥

Heey Beauties!
Lulu here :)

So I did a post earlier in November on "Shopping Ideas" && this is going to be just like that post except now I guess I just changed the name && I'll probably keep it to this name in future posts as well.

So I did my shopping from Charlotte Russe for this post. Keep in mind, just like the last times, I'll post the size of the item that I have && the regular price of it.

***ALWAYS go to the store && check if the price is the same because there could be a great deal!***

Let's Get Started!


Charlotte Russe has A LOT of very cute skirts, and when I saw we had this in the store I just needed to have it! I thought it was just too cute && it's such a fun skirt to wear!
As you can see, it's stripped blue && white. The belt clicks on the back. This skirt is a size Small && it's priced at $26.99.


This top, honestly, I just bought because it looks really good tucked into skirts && some shorts. (Visit your closest Charlotte Russe && they should have them displayed)

It's sequence, and it comes in many more colors. This is a size Small priced at $19.99. The material is tick.

This next top I FELL IN LOVE! It's just such a fun top! I already wore it to a party, so I'll be posting that outfit up soon!
The front is all sequence and the back is solid black. It is a little see through, so you can pair it with a black spageti or tank under if you want. The writing says FALL IN LOVE. This is size small priced at unknown because I ripped the pricetag off :( Sorry beauties!

This next top I thought was just so adorable. I love love LOVE polka dots so It wasn't even a thought about if I should buy it or not.
I would personally wear this with darker shade of jeans, but online they have it paired with a skirt for the picture. If your style is like that, then I guess go for it!

This is a small priced at $22.99.


Okkiiee...I have an obsession with headbands, hats, feathers, and everything possible that you can wear on or in your hair! When I saw we had this little hat at our store I just died, came back to life, and bought it! IT'S SO CUTE!

It also comes in the color blue. It's small. It had a big clip that you can clip to your hair on the bottom of it.

This is all from Charlotte Russe beauties, but I have one more item from Juicy Couture.

This bag, the girl said was a limited addition handbag. It's all sequence front and back. the sides have bows. The inside is white polkadots. It's called Star Shine Sequin Velour Ms. Daydreamer Bag && it's priced at $298.

This is it for todays post beauties! Hope you enjoyed reading && will have some idea buys for your next time out shopping!

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Outfit Idea!♥

Heey Beauties!
Lulu here :)

Time for another Outfit Idea post!

Let's Get Started! :)

I wore this outfit to work. (For those who don't know alreay, I work at Charlotte Russe) This is an outfit you beauties can pull together to work (If you can wear outfits like this) or you can even wear this outfit on an everyday outting.

The jeans are from Charlotte Russe. The shoes are from Charlotte Russe (Boots in the post earlier) The top isn't from Charlotte Russe, but I honeslty forgot where I bought it from :( Sorry beauties!

Hair, as you can tell, I did a straight blow dry && wore a simple, thin, black headband. Make-up was light with a shade of pink.

It was prettyy cold in the morning too, so I wore a coat from bebe (shown in earlier post) to keep warm.

Okkiiee beauties, this isn't an outfit that continues on with the one above, but I liked this outfit and I wanted to share it with you readers along with this outfit.

The jeans are from Charlotte Russe, the boots are UGGS (shown in earlier post) and again, I forgot where this top is from. Hair is blow dried straight. and the necklace was a gift, so I'm not sure where that's from either.

Hope you beauties enjoyed this post!

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

Party Party Party!♥

Heey Beauties!
Lulu here!

This blog is based on an outfit you beauties can pull together to wear to a casual party. (I say casual because, personally, I like go dress up a lotttt when I go to a bigger or fancier party). You can also wear this on a day out. I know I would!

So the outfit I chose to wear was a strapless dress that had a little bit of a poof at the bottom. I'm sure many of you beauties are familiar with this style of dress. Personally, I wasn't the biggest fan, but when I saw this dress I thought "This is so cute. Why not just buy it just for fun" So I ended up buying it && finally wearing it :)

The dress is dark blue. && Since it was COLD, I wore black pantyhose under (Even though it didn't help me attt allll on the top part!) && paired it with black pumps.

Since the occasion was a very happy one, I didn't want to be dressed toooo dark, so I added a pink big flower on my headband :)

This was the look for this post beauties! I hope you liked it && maybe you can pull something out from your own closet that looks similar!

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Heey Beauties!
Lulu here :)

I got these questions off of Bianca T's blog. Her blog website is
Let's Get Started!

Makeup Me:

Blush or Bronzer?


Lipgloss or Lipstick?
bothh but lipgloss more

Eyeliner or Mascara?

Foundation or Concealer?

Neutral or Coloured Eyeshadow?
Depends on what kind of day it is

Brushes or Sponges?
I use both actually

Nails Me:

Long or Short?
I always have acrylic on so long

Acrylic or Natural?
Personally, I love acrylic but natural is nice too

Brights or Darks?
both! i love new colors every month for my nails!

Body Me:

Perfume or Body Splash?
I use body splash more through out my day, but I love perfume

Lotion or Body Butter?

Body Wash or Soap?
body wash! bar soap makes my skin dry!

Fashion Me:

Jeans or Trakies?

Long Sleeve or Short?
right now long sleeve! it's too cold! :(

Dresses or Skirts?

Stripes or Plaid?

Flip Flops or Sandals?

Scarves or Hats?
i love both! their so much fun!!

Studs or Dangly Earrings?

Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots?
Riding boots

Jacket or Hoodie?
both are too comfortable! ♥

Hair Me:

Curly or Straight?
both! but if straight, deffinitly with volume!

Bun or Ponytail?

Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips?
Bobby pins...we're not 4. (sorry girls)

Hair Spray or Gel?
Hair Spray!

Long or Short?

Light or Dark?

Up or Down?
depends on the outfit :)

Random Me:

Favourite Store/Shop?
My top 3 stores are Bebe, Guess by Marciano && Victoria's Secret♥

Summer or Winter?

Favourite Makeup Brand?

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate :)

This was fun! :)
Post it on your blogs!

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Heey Beauties!
Lulu here! :)

The past 2 days I've been cleaning && re-arranging/organizing my closet && my room! As I was putting away my belts, I thought why not do a post on the different type of belts there are because, personally, I LOVE belts!

Let's Get Started!

I don't have too many belts in my closet, but I do love them && I'm planning on actually buying more (shhhh let's keep that a secret!) There are just SO many out there that would work with so many different outfit choices!
I wish I could have had some pictures of outfits with these belts, but I don't have ones that I can post right now that would be good enough to show them. So I'll be sure to remember for the posts in the future to remind you beauties of the belt!


All these belts are my favorite, but there is one belt that i reallyyyyy love the most out of all the ones I have!

These belts can go with so many outfits, you beauties just need to be creative with them! Never be afraid of your belt not being "pretty" or "cool" or however else it can be described! As long as you are wearing it confidently && with a smile, your outfit will be complete && very stylish! 

***If you beauties have any questions about the belts be sure to contact me, Lulu, at***

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Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥