Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Buys!♥

Heey Beauties!
Lulu here :)

So I did a post earlier in November on "Shopping Ideas" && this is going to be just like that post except now I guess I just changed the name && I'll probably keep it to this name in future posts as well.

So I did my shopping from Charlotte Russe for this post. Keep in mind, just like the last times, I'll post the size of the item that I have && the regular price of it.

***ALWAYS go to the store && check if the price is the same because there could be a great deal!***

Let's Get Started!


Charlotte Russe has A LOT of very cute skirts, and when I saw we had this in the store I just needed to have it! I thought it was just too cute && it's such a fun skirt to wear!
As you can see, it's stripped blue && white. The belt clicks on the back. This skirt is a size Small && it's priced at $26.99.


This top, honestly, I just bought because it looks really good tucked into skirts && some shorts. (Visit your closest Charlotte Russe && they should have them displayed)

It's sequence, and it comes in many more colors. This is a size Small priced at $19.99. The material is tick.

This next top I FELL IN LOVE! It's just such a fun top! I already wore it to a party, so I'll be posting that outfit up soon!
The front is all sequence and the back is solid black. It is a little see through, so you can pair it with a black spageti or tank under if you want. The writing says FALL IN LOVE. This is size small priced at unknown because I ripped the pricetag off :( Sorry beauties!

This next top I thought was just so adorable. I love love LOVE polka dots so It wasn't even a thought about if I should buy it or not.
I would personally wear this with darker shade of jeans, but online they have it paired with a skirt for the picture. If your style is like that, then I guess go for it!

This is a small priced at $22.99.


Okkiiee...I have an obsession with headbands, hats, feathers, and everything possible that you can wear on or in your hair! When I saw we had this little hat at our store I just died, came back to life, and bought it! IT'S SO CUTE!

It also comes in the color blue. It's small. It had a big clip that you can clip to your hair on the bottom of it.

This is all from Charlotte Russe beauties, but I have one more item from Juicy Couture.

This bag, the girl said was a limited addition handbag. It's all sequence front and back. the sides have bows. The inside is white polkadots. It's called Star Shine Sequin Velour Ms. Daydreamer Bag && it's priced at $298.

This is it for todays post beauties! Hope you enjoyed reading && will have some idea buys for your next time out shopping!

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

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