Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fun Day!

Heey beauties!
We are so happy to say we are officially starting this blog!
Thank You so much for being patient && we cannot wait to show you what we have in store!

So recently we went out for a little bit of shopping && when we walked into Charlotte Russe Ariga said it's time to take a few pictures to share with you all! Besides all their really cute clothing, we love the jewelry they have there too, especially this super adorable ring on Ariga's finger!

Hats are another thing we both absolutely LOVE! We know girls sometimes use it to cover up a bad hair day, but you can wear a very fashionable hate anytime and make it work with outfits! Here's a hat Ariga liked!

Since it's also almost Halloween, the store had a few things you could put together and make a costume with! Ariga found this witch had headband that Louisa fell in love with because it was toooo cuteee!! There was also a mask made of sequence which was also very cute. Louisa bought a headband which we cannot post yet because she's going to wear it for Halloween && we'll be posting those pictures after!

Witch headband

Sequence mask

We also decided to go into one of our most loved stores of all time...THE DISNEY STORE! You are never too old for Disney! ♥

And finally to end the day, sort of, we decided to go have something to eat! We went to California Pizza Kitchen!

Where we decided to kinda goof off with out new nails we had gotten done before going to the mall! Louisa got a dark purple color && Ariga got a lighter purple/pink (very adorable) color!

Thank You beauties for reading this post! We will have more on beauty && fashion SOON! So follow our blog, twitter, beautylish profile && don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Stay GLAM!

Lulu && Ari ♥

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