Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!♥

Happy Halloween Beauties!

Today we had a day filled with things to do together, however something came up with Ari && we had to change plans around. We hope everyone has an amaziing && GLAM day today!

So I (Lulu) didn't post my costume idea in the post before because I thought today I would have dressed up, but since plans changed I decided not to. I had bought cheetah cat ears from Charlotte Russe so I could be a kitty this year, but I ended up just wearing the ears.

So from Louisa to you...HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :D

I celebrated my 17th birthday a few years ago at Disneyland in California && since my birthday is the end of September, they had already decorated for Halloween && I fell in love with the decorations they had! Especially the big pumpkin they put in place of the balloons in the front! So since I loved them so much I'm going to share it with you beauties! :)

I hope everyone has a FUN && SAFE night today no matter what you have planned! Be careful!

Trick or Treat!

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

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