Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Heey Beauties!
Lulu here! :)

Sorry for not posting for a little while! It was my cousins wedding and as the days got closer, the planning got a little bit crazier and we had to get a few things done! So This post is going to be about the wedding! :)

Let's Get Started!

It was a beyond amazing night! It was on a Sunday, but I personally didn't have work on Monday so I partied all night! Our bridesmaid dresses were Purple. Personally, I wouldn't have chosen these dresses, but it wasn't my wedding to choose my dress, so I just went along and wore the dress. But it wasn't too bad. My hair and make up was done, as usual at Fames Beauty Salon, in Glendale/Burbank, CA. So since I'm kind of in a hurry today, I'm just going to be posting pictures of me only and not taking you beauties through the whole event! Sorry!♥

This was my finished look at the beauty salon. ♥ (I took this picture with Instagram via IPhone)

I apologize for the picture being the wrong way.

I'll be back writing about beauty topics SOON! Promise!

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

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