Wednesday, November 16, 2011

make up survey!♥

Heey Beauties!
Lulu here :)

So I found a make-up survey && I thought why not post my answers to the blog?!
I'll make Ari take this same survey another day to post :)
For now this is my answers (lulu's answers)

Let's Get Started! :D

Makeup Survey.

What is your favorite mascara?
-I have 3...their all Maybelline...tubo volum express, colossal volum express && lash stiletto

What is you favorite eye primer/base?
- MAC prep+prime light

What are your 5 favorite eyeshadows? 
-that's a hard one...I love using different shadows but i have a couple of palettes from MAC that i love

What color eyeshadow looks best on you?

What color eyeshadow looks bad on you?
-I don't think believe anyone can have bad eyeshadow...i love color && i love to experiment

Do you define your brows?

What are your favorite liquid, gel, & pencil eyeliners?  
-I rarely use eyeshadow but i have pencils from MAC, liquids from MAC && gel from NARS

Do you curl your lashes before applying mascara?
-sometimes lol

What drugstore eyeshadows do you find the best?
I haven't tried eyeshadows from drugstores

Do you wear false lashes?
-Only on special family occassions...other than that no


What is the lip color you wear the most?

What lip color do you wear on special occasions?
-It really depends on the color of my dress && make-up

What is your favorite lip balm? 
-VS beauty rush

What is your favorite lipstick?
-Too hard to choose

What is your favorite lipgloss?
-VS Big Smooch plumping lipgloss

Do you prefer lipgloss to have a flavor or no? 
-Really doesn't matter

Do you wear lip liner?
-YES! love it

What lip colors look best on you? 

Do you wear blush/bronzer?

Do you wear face primer?

Do you wear highlighter?

What is your favorite liquid foundation
-Cover Girl clean creamy natural

What is your favorite concealer?
-don't use it

Do you wear powder to set your liquid foundation or concealer?

Are you warm-toned or cool toned?

Do you wash your face daily?

What is your favorite moisturizer?
-I'm looking for one actually

One’s that aren’t categorized:

What is your favorite part on your makeup routine?

What do you bring in your makeup travel bag?

Who is your biggest inspiration makeup wise?
-I don't really have one

What are your favorite makeup brushes?
-I use MAC brushes

What is your favorite palette?
-all my MAC palettes

What is your your favorite makeup brand overall?

What is your one product you can not live without?

What is your favorite makeup look?
-Christina Agulieria in Burlesque

When did you start using makeup?
-high school

Your everyday makeup routine?
-face primer, coverup, powder, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, lips

What is your favorite makeup remover?

How often do you wear makeup?
-When I go to work && parties && sometimes when I go out of the house...but I keep a clean face when I go out just casually

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari ♥

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