Monday, November 28, 2011

Shopping Ideas!♥

Heey Beauties!
Lulu here! :)

This post is on some ideas on what you beauties can buy the next time you go shopping!
I bought these things from Charlotte Russe on Black Friday because, honestly, I was just too tired to go to another store after work!

These are going to be told the size I bought them in to give you beauties somewhat of an idea of how big or small they will look && I'll be posting the price on the tag! Make sure you guys go to a Charlotte Russe store close by you to compare prices or see if theres special deals on these items!

Let's Get Started! :)


I have an obsession with shoes, especially boots! When I saw these I just needed to have them!
These boots are a size 7. The regular price is $42.50.

Along with the boot, I fell in love with these slippers!

One slipper says Naughty && the other says Nice. These are size Medium. These are SO soft it's like you're walking on clouds! These are priced at $12.50.


There are soo many cute tops at Charlotte Russe all the time! These are some I bought that day!

This black top is a loose top. The middle is shiny. It's not exactly sequence but it's really cute to wear with jeans && even dress it up with a pair of heels. This is a size small priced at $18.99.

This next top I thought was just super cute && fun! I love cherry's so it instantly grabbed my attention!

This top is also loose. It's very thin. This is a size small priced at $18.99.

This next top don't judge too quickly! When I first saw it I have to admit I thought it was just ugly. But I decided to try it on && i LOVED IT!!!

It's a really cozy top && it's really adorable for Winter! You can wear something under it if you might think it's too short but I really would say this is a MUST HAVE for you beauties! Try it on! This is a size Small priced at $26.99.


Ladies, we all know we love dresses and we probably have a few in our closet but we're always looking for more! Here are some I thought were cute && just decided to buy to wear casually.

I reallyyyyy like this dress! It's very simple, thin && perfect for a casual day out or even work (Depending on where you work && what your dress codes are!)

This is the back of the dress.

This is the belt that comes on the dress. This dress is a size small priced at $26.99.

This next dress you can actually wear it out to a party too.

The sleeves are a little past the elbow. (This dress can be a little open)

This is the belt that comes with the dress.

This is how the dress looks on (This picture if from the Charlotte Russe website)

This dress is a size Small priced at $28.99.


This skirt was too cute so I just had to have it!

It's a simple, tight skirt with a belt that comes with it (as seen). This is a size small priced at $22.99.

Time for some jeans!

This first jeans is Pop Starlet Flare. I really like the bottom of these types of jeans. They are a dark shade with no holes in them.

These jeans can be paired with heels to give your figure an even more amaziing look! These jeans are size 2S (Short) because I'm short. They are priced at $34.99.

These next jeans are Flirty Everyday Skinny.

These jeans don't have holes in them, but they have a few scratch marks!
These jeans are size 2R (regular) because there was no more short :( priced at $34.99.

These next jeans are Glam Ultra Skinny!

These jeans are super cute in my opinion and are great if you want to wear boots because they go into the boot really easily. These are size 2 priced at $34.99.

***Remember to check your Charlotte Russe store for prices because there's usually deals on jeans!***

Thank You for reading beauties && I hope you will check out this store if you liked any of my outfit picks or just want to walk in && see what else the store has to offer! Don't forget to comment && let me know which one was your favorite! I would love to know! :)

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Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥

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