Monday, November 21, 2011

old outfit choices!♥

Heey Beauties!
Lulu here :)

So I went through my pictures on my laptop && i found a few pictures I could use for outfit ideas && I decided to share them in this post!

The first outfit is jeans from Bebe && a top from a store named Rosa from Downtown,LA (California).
In this first picture, I paired the outfit with black high heels because I wore this look to work.

Here is the same outfit, except this time I wore flats because I wore this outfit on one of the nights in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This next outfit I wore when I was going out. It also can be an outfit you can wear to work (If you're allowed to dress up like this at your workplace).
The top is from Bebe that I paried with black pants && heels by Jessica Simpson.

(Don't mind the Model Louisa part...there's more to the picture)

So this next outfit I personally really love! It's one of my favorite outfits in my closet && you can have so much fun dressing up with it!

The top is from Guess && the pants are from Bebe.
The first picture I have the pants at regular length.
I added a yellow headband with this outfit.

This is the same outfit with the pants shorter (I pinned it up) and without the headband in my hair.

Thank You for reading Beauties! These were all just a few old pictures I found. I might keep digging through my pictures to see if I could share any make-up or hair ideas too!
Keep Posted!

Stay GLAM!
Lulu && Ari♥


  1. Really cute outfits, my favorites are the first two =)

  2. You have awesome style! I am in love with your background; its super cute! I really like your blog and am a new follower!